Thanks from Canaan W.

Before I went to Angels for Sight, I had no glasses. I broke them in a basketball accident. I could not see anything. My family was struggling. My father passed away right before I broke them and my mom couldn’t afford to pay for a new pair. There are three of us and she has to pay for everything by herself.

Then my godmother, Dorothy Vann, introduced my mom to Angels for Sight. When my mom and I went there, they were all so helpful and caring. Ms. Shea Hamilton understood my problem and ordered me a new pair of glasses. I was very grateful because this is my junior year in high school and I didn’t want to struggle in school or make my mom feel worse because she couldn’t afford to get me glasses right away. I think Angels for Sight is a perfect name for this company because they were just that for me and my family.

Canaan W.
Compton, CA

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