Founder’s Message

Shea Hamilton - Founder of Angels for SightIt has been said that America is the richest country in the world, but what makes this country so rich? Is it the stability of our economy, or the success of our Fortune 500 corporations? What about the influence of our government? Or, perhaps it is our strong and powerful military? While these factors undoubtedly contribute to the success and richness of America, this country’s greatest assets have always been, and remain today, our children!

Our nation’s future is dependent upon the generations to come, and if, our nation is going to continue making strides in a global economy, we must ensure that our most valuable assets — our children — are fully equipped, both mentally and physically. Being fully equipped means having the ability to progress educationally and financially with the self-confidence you need to succeed. That self-confidence starts with the ability to read and write.

With rapidly declining access to healthcare coupled with an alarming increase in the number of children living in poverty, studies have shown that children whom suffer from vision deficiencies are more likely to suffer educationally and socially. At Angels for Sight, we believe that the ability for our children to see is critical. Without sight and clear vision, our children’s ability to learn is virtually eliminated!

“In providing eyewear for our children, we are providing hope for our future.”

Angels for Sight is dedicated and committed to providing free vision screening, eye examinations, and glasses to the uninsured and visually impaired. Our goal is to ensure that our children’s vision will provide them with confidence to see the future.

I founded Angels for Sight because I saw a need to ensure that our community did not suffer simply because the eyes of the future could not see. In providing eyewear for our children, we are providing hope for our future. “In order for a community to be healthy and whole, it must begin with the love and concern of others.” Together with our partners and supporters City of Compton, Southern California Edison, Ella Fitzgerald Foundation, Walt Disney and UPS, to name a few, we will tackle one of the main causes for child illiteracy, which grows into adult illiteracy. By, helping our children see today, we are ensuring that they will lead us into tomorrow.

Join Angels for Sight and help make a difference in a child’s life, as we bring a better vision for a brighter future.

Thank you all,
Shea Hamilton
Founder of Angels for Sight