Thanks from Luna

Luna - Thank You NoteMy Special thanks to Angels For Sight and, in particular, to Ms. Amy & Karen who, with utmost dedication helped make my vision clear “fast, quick and in a hurry”. They went “beyond the call of duty” even, (as we say in the military), to make my glasses on time. Thanks, many heartfelt thanks.

Luna #19


Thanks from Cameron

I feel overjoyed by the fact that I am able to get new glasses from the nice welcoming people of Angels for Sight. The glasses will really help me, thank you Angels for Sight.

Cameron/11 years old


Thanks from a 4th Grade Student

My first time I went to school I thought I could not see good. Kids at school read better than me. In 4th grade I read 70 to 80 words a min. So I told my mom I can see good with my new glasses. The doctor was funny and nice to me. Thank you Angels for Sight.

4th grade
June 25, 2014

Thanks from Jordan

I feel happy I was able to get Some glasses. At first I couldn’t See at all but now I can see better. Thank you angels for Sight for giving me glasses.

Jordan age 8

Thanks from Brown

Dear Angels for Sight,

Thank you for the Eye exam for my 4 sons and the Glasses for my two sons that needed them. We are so grateful and Thankful for this Blessing.

Thank You,

Thanks from Canaan W.

Before I went to Angels for Sight, I had no glasses. I broke them in a basketball accident. I could not see anything. My family was struggling. My father passed away right before I broke them and my mom couldn’t afford to pay for a new pair. There are three of us and she has to pay for everything by herself.

Then my godmother, Dorothy Vann, introduced my mom to Angels for Sight. When my mom and I went there, they were all so helpful and caring. Ms. Shea Hamilton understood my problem and ordered me a new pair of glasses. I was very grateful because this is my junior year in high school and I didn’t want to struggle in school or make my mom feel worse because she couldn’t afford to get me glasses right away. I think Angels for Sight is a perfect name for this company because they were just that for me and my family.

Canaan W.
Compton, CA

Many Thanks from the Pacific Asian Family’s Transitional Shelter

On behalf of the residents at Center for the Pacific Asian Family’s (CPAF) Transitional Shelter, we would like to express our deep appreciation to Angels for Sight for providing our families with free eye exams and glasses. In the past year, 15 of our residents were able to access Angel’s for Sight’s vision care services. The opportunity for our families to utilize these services has been extremely helpful as all of our families depend on government assistance (i.e. CalWORKs, CalFresh) as their main source of income. These government benefits, however, do not provide all the necessary basic health coverage needed, such as eye exams and glasses.

CPAF’s mission is to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and consequences of family violence and violence against women. CPAF is committed to meeting the specific cultural and language needs of Asian Pacific Islander women and their families. Angels for Sight staff have been very accommodating, helpful, and sensitive to the special population that CPAF serves. During our first visit in January 2011, Angels for Sight was able to set aside a large block of time in order to see all our residents (adults and children) during one examination session.. Since the families at CPAF’s Transitional Shelter are working toward independence, having a dedicated time set aside for their examinations allowed them to go back to school and/or work in a timely manner. Since that first visit, Angels for Sight has continued to be a valuable resource for our women and children. We have been able to continue referring new families that enter our program to Angels for Sight for vision care services, all at no cost to them.

CPAF is extremely grateful to Angels for Sight for being such a generous and caring organization. We hope to continue our relationship with Angels for Sight to ensure that survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are able to access basic health care and resources.

Executive Director
Debra Suh

From Dr. Lana Tu

I am happy be able to say that I was a volunteer with Angels for Sight when it was first founded and it was that initial experience that helped me develop my passion for optometry.

Shea’s vision for the organization was to provide vision care for those that could not afford it, and her generosity and perseverance inspired me. Working at health fairs and meeting so many people who were not fortunate enough to have access to vision care profoundly affected me and exposed me to the wide gaps in care affecting our community.

After graduating from the Southern California College of Optometry I am proud to be able to return to work as an staff optometrist with Angels for Sight to provide the care needed to those that wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain it.

— Dr. Lana Tu

Thanks from Tequila B.

Thank you Shea and the whole staff at Angels for Sight. It was truly a blessing to receive my glasses. I’m so grateful that I can finally see! You guys are truly angels.

God Bless,

Tequila B.