Thanks from Shon

Thank you Ms.Shea, this is an excellent program and it’s great for the community. As a single parent, I wish there were more programs like this to help us keep our future leaders healthy. God bless you all.


Thanks from Cornell H.

I appreciate Angels for Sight for the blessings that they are sharing with people who are unfortunate and cannot pay nor have medical insurance to cover the cost. God will touch and make sure this establishment grows.


Cornell H.

Thanks from Alfredo G.

Spanish: Agradezco a Angels for Sight. Nunca olvidare el gozó de una esperanza y ilusión que me dieron con mis lentes.

English: I thank Angels for Sight. I will never forget the joy of a hope and dream that I got with my glasses.

Alfredo G.

Thanks from Charles J.

Thank you very much for the work you are doing in the community. This is a great service and it is so nice, so relaxed and convenient here. Everyone here is so friendly and caring. You have the right name because you are truly Angels, God bless you.

Charles J.