Our Services

P1010773-redeyechartGift of Sight program — designed to where staff members of Angels for Sight and volunteers provide vision screenings to school-age children and young adults at schools in order to identify individuals who are experiencing deficiencies in school related to vision impairment. Where appropriate, full examinations and glasses are provided at no any cost to the students or their families.

Our Golden Heritage — designed to ensure that senior citizens who lost their vision benefits through the State of California‚Äôs medical program have access to glaucoma screening, eye exams, as well as assisting them with vision prescriptions that are unaffordable.

2nd Chance — designed to provide vision care for individuals who are referred through the Los Angeles Superior Drug Court program with minor offenses, but seek to re-establish their lives by looking for gainful employment.

Beyond the Shelter — is designed to assist our homeless population throughout Los Angeles County who are in critical need of vision care. We go into homeless shelters in order to provide vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses.

For the Love of My Country — designed to provide vision care to our veterans who lack benefits through the government. Annually, participate in the Homeless Veterans Stand Down throughout Southern California.

All services are provided by licensed optometrists who graciously donate their time.